Mr. Trump approves acquisition of Greenland Danish Prime Minister “Stupid”

トランプ氏、グリーンランド買収構想認める デンマーク首相「馬鹿馬鹿しい」

As I always say, my suggestion is that the United States should rather acquire Mexico. I think the United States should buy everything up to Panama.

However, since Greenland belongs to Denmark, development may be delayed, and if the United States develops it independently, there is a possibility that the entire the former Western Bloc will become rich.
It may have the effect of strengthening the entire western side against the China (Russia) line. Trump is Stupid, but there is a possibility that it is in the field of view because there is a peculiar way.

So I think that the Danish side should have a strategy that considers the environment and the abundance of the world as a whole.