NHK Today’s Close-up+ Finally judged! Choice for return to Shohei Otani


The program analyzed the cause of Otani’s injury. It is said that the cause is that the pitcher is the arm is thrown away from the head even in the pitcher.

Nichiham’s pitcher Yuki Saito cited this as the reason for the injury. He said he was throwing in the wrong form at the university.
In fact, this is a well-known reason for injury, and there is no one who doesn’t know professionally.
That’s why the risk of going to university or the danger of teaching non-professionals in high school baseball is said.

Why hasn’t it been pointed out now, or why Otani and the people around him haven’t tried to Improvement it? I can only say mysterious.

As a related story, I heard that pitcher Yoshida Kousei was modified by a coach at Hachinohe Gakuin University to throw more from the side because his arm was too out of the top. Yoshida himself perceived positively that the control was better, but I am wondering if it is really good.

The program denied the influence of split. Mr. Okajima said that there was no injury in the split. The high-speed slider was bad.

Then, I wonder what it was that only the influence of the split was said at the time of the injury of Masahiro Tanaka.

It is also said that a hard American mound has an influence on it.
Since baseball players are really precision machines, this kind of environmental difference is crucial.
Slightly out of sensation, foam does not match mound, or changing the foam may cause injury.
If you think about the players going to the majors, it would be better to solidify the Japanese mound.