NHK Dr. Diamond’s “Human Wisdom” 1st “Where did the modern disease come from?”


According to the report, there is no stroke in traditional society.

Japan already has a stroke in the Edo period.

In the original voice, Dr. seems to say tribal society. However, in this case, at least in Japan, the Arabian society is called a tribal society, so is it a sense of confusion?

Elucidate the reasons for other diseases such as diabetes and Alzheimer that are not found in traditional society. What a healthy program this is for?

Salt is unlikely to be taken in traditional societies, and the human body develops the function of storing and storing the precious salt. On the contrary, if you take too much, you will get sick.
I think that it is better to refrain from salt, but recently it has been encouraged to take salt in the summer. How do people in traditional society survive the summer?

In traditional society, multilinguals are normal, and all five languages ​​speak normally because they travel and marry between tribes with different languages. As a result, the brain is activated and does not become Alzheimer.

I thought Alzheimer was a pure illness, but is your brain training history related to it?

I’ve always thought about it, but I think there are few people out of the Shogi world. There may be little disease of Alzheimer.
Maybe they feel like they are short-lived due to lack of exercise.

What about it? I thought for a long time that language would need to be matured in an environment that was isolated from other groups. If it is necessary to be isolated, I think that the society after the establishment of various languages ​​is truly a “traditional society”.

By the way, how convenient it is. This is a must-see for those who have watched this program because they are planning to do a Tanzania Special with “Tokoro’s eyes are dots!”. Learn the life of a traditional society.