Happy first victory of Kihira! 2nd Higuchi / All Japan Championship Details [21:45 on December 21, 2019]

紀平うれしい初優勝!2位樋口/全日本選手権詳細 - スポーツ : 日刊スポーツ
SP首位の紀平梨花(関大KFSC)は全日本選手権を初優勝した。2位には樋口新葉(明大)、3位にはフリー128.43点で巻き返したジュニアの川畑和愛(N高東京)… - 日刊スポーツ新聞社のニュースサイト、ニッカンスポーツ・コム(nikkansports.com)

The performance of Kihira was a masterpiece.

Ms. Miyahara surprisingly lost her performance and I thought she would not be in the third place. However, Sakamoto was even worse than that, and Miyahara was third, except for junior Kazue Kawabata.

It is a surprise development, but what happened?

I feel that it was difficult to keep motivation while Russians came out and the top was not visible.

Ms. Higuchi of the second place has a thin and sharp impression overall, but her strength is still somewhat intact.

However, compared to Kostornaya, the impression is that the trunk is a lump, and I think that such difference is noticeable in the difference in cleanliness when extending the limbs.

For females, the players are thick and the top players are not so different. It seems that there are promising players everywhere in juniors.