Strict look at the Japanese justice system: How did overseas newspapers report “Ghosn defendant bail”?


It is said that
Sometimes I wonder if the bail system is really from a human rights perspective.
Overseas, the power of nobles is strong. If they commit a crime, they have the money and are more likely to be released on bail, and the evidence is more likely to be destroyed.
You may feel the same from Carlos Ghosn.
For example, I understand the prosecution’s concerns about being contacted by Oman route officials.

Escape in case of emergency. Easy to have anonymous account. There is such a Swiss existence, too. Europe has the image that nobles (or so-called establishments) are eagerly working to reduce their risk when they are charged with crime.

However, we cannot overlook the history that human rights have been raised as Western noble standards have become universal.

There is no way to reduce stamina and encourage confession due to poor treatment.

It can be said that Japanese justice has been forced to change in the process of raising its level.