ETV Special Issue Emergency Talks the world changing by the pandemic 60 minutes with Yuval Noah Harari

「緊急対談 パンデミックが変える世界 ユヴァル・ノア・ハラリとの60分」 - ETV特集

Is the long version.
The short version is like talking about the framework of general remarks, and here Harari also talks about quite detailed things.

The talk is about the fusion of people and machines in Harari’s specialty. This topic has the best “compatibility” with the story of corona countermeasures. You can even say that. Only the long version of Harari was broadcast and the other two were not broadcast at last, but that’s why.

It means an era in which information under the skin of a person is collected. For example, in North Korea, it seems that people who are not pleased with the leader’s speech will be able to pay attention by distributing a machine that reads emotions.

Also, the story that the tracking system developed this time will also be used for influenza.

However, I don’t think there was any part of what to do because it was just a series of predictable stories from technological advances.

It is said that the law stipulated for emergencies tends to remain not only at that time but for a long time.
Harari used Israeli law as an example, but since Israel is always wartime, it will tend to remain long. However, the tendency to remain for a long time cannot be overlooked.
When deciding on an emergency law, it will be necessary to complete the set of laws regarding termination in a very careful manner. I’m doubtful if that’s enough.

Aiko says that globalization caused a pandemic? Harari immediately denied when asked. The plague had covered the world before the plane was built.

I think the inclusion of China in the global economy has obviously had an impact.
Although not mentioned here, I think the issue of globalization is mainly related to the economy. This is because the wheels of the globalized economy are suddenly stopped by a virus.

Harari also views that America cannot take leadership. The world is fragmented.

So Aiko Doden asks, “Can individuals and companies fill the void?” The answer is yes.

In that case, there is a possibility that the crisis could be overcome without American leadership.
It can be said that the strengthening of the world’s connections through globalization no longer requires American leadership. Even without it, it will not be destroyed.

Against the background of the birth of the Trump administration, the management of democracy has become stronger. Even if the president was stupid and outlawed, the skeleton would not shake. The people are relieved by that.

I think that it can be said that the empty called Trump is born under the support of these kinds of “exoskeletons”. Globalization is one of the exoskeletons.

Harari argues that if China fails in the process of unlocking the lockdown and hides it, each country could suffer the same failure.
Obviously, it should be noted that the dictatorship’s escalation is currently in progress.

Regarding the fight against the coronavirus, “I don’t think this should be considered a war. It’s a wrong metaphor,” Harari said. Doctors and nurses take care of the pandemic, and it’s not a battle between people with guns.
I thought that I recently started seeing people who said “Do not call it a war”, but Harari’s remarks may have a big influence.

However, I think that the one who feels the war against the coronavirus as a war is mainly the person who carries out economic activities. If the business-to-business war is a war, then I think the fight against the coronavirus is a war. They are desperate to survive.

Corona and war also need solidarity in battle. Which side to see and where to match.
Harari seems to deny the word war in the sense of division, but I think that solidarity of the world against corona can be called war.

No matter how knowledgeable Harari is, he is not an economic expert. I feel that it has a big influence on the overall picture. This is where you have to watch carefully from the perspective of the “potential octopus trap”.

Harari says he is meditating for two hours every day when asked how to maintain his spirit. Is it mindfulness?
Looking back, there was a Zen painting on the background, so this may be Harari’s own intention rather than a service to Japan.
If so, is it a true Buddhist ceremony?
Harari’s laboratory has a floor space that disappeared in Japan.

As I’ve always thought, mindfulness is nothing more than a superficial modification in which Christians do Zen without converting (or non-Buddhistly) to Zen. It doesn’t matter.

Harari who tries to show the power of humanity by overcoming the demons inside the villain. The parts here are Jewish.
Showing religious power is a necessary coordinate axis to show human power. This “thing that should be the center” does not come out from “intellectual person” of Japan.

At the end is Harari who joins hands and farewell. It’s not a mistake, but even an intellectual such as Harari has that kind of knowledge about Japanese customs. Or is it that I am still interested in Buddhism?

In summary, “solidarity” including Harari is the message of world thinkers.

And although each thinker did not say that because it was the age when God died, in the end, the broad and essential religiousness plays a central role in enriching the whole world in the game theoretical world. .. This is my idea.