Nova: Season40.Episode10 Building Pharaoh’s Chariot


Reproduces the tank that has supported the prosperity and military advantage of the Egyptian New Kingdom for centuries.
It seems that the first tank was built in the Kafkas region in southern Russia. It is an invention that seems to be a grassy area representing the west.
Egypt improved it and refined it into the strongest weapon. It seems to be difficult to reproduce, and it is almost an industry that made thousands of them.

I was wondering if there was so much wood in Egypt. Then it seems that it was still short.

No, but getting into a car with wheels not covered with rubber is hard.

I don’t think I’ve seen it in Japan at all, but after all, is the mountainous topography affected?
Even a large horse seems to get in the way in Japan, right?

A few centuries later, Hittite may have developed an improved three-seater tank that might have taken military advantage over Egypt.
I wanted to take a peek at this structure too.

I wanted you to touch the synthetic bow. Even a little.