General Election 2019: What does ‘Get Brexit done,’ mean?

What does 'Get Brexit done' mean?
The government's slogan is "Get Brexit done." Will its deal do that?

Many people are thinking, but I think it is enough to leave only England.

But I can understand that the UK feels uncomfortable with immigrants that have dramatically increased due to the endless expansion of the EU.

Since the EU is an alliance of real security, I understand that the EU wants to increase the number of safe areas by joining the wide area as much as possible. But the problem is that it is always set with the economy.
Some of the turmoil in the UK is torn between them.

The solution is to separate the two.
In order to participate in the freedom of movement of people, it is necessary to exceed a certain standard of GDP per capita, or to give existing EU members the right to refuse freedom of movement of people. What about setting up