NHK Today’s Close-up+ What will happen to the “Endurance War” of the Hong Kong Demo? -What is the front line of citizens vs. government- part 3

In the newspaper about stir-fried

From the beautiful island
Hong Kong demo “Yumu” does not stall even if rampant
Correspondent for Fukuoka Shizuya from Taipei

香港デモ「勇武派」横行しても失速しないわけ | 麗しの島から | 福岡静哉 | 毎日新聞「政治プレミア」


Hong Kong “Brave School” Sharpening: Confronting the police, masked youth destroying activities “For the future”

香港「勇武派」先鋭化 警察と対峙、マスク姿の若者 破壊活動「未来のため」

There is an article such as that the reason why it was withdrawn with a certain effect was that the stir-fry was effective.

But what about the long term?

The early destructive activities were clearly performed by people who thought they were hired by the Chinese Communist Party.
If you think that some of your “mates” are doing it, it will catch fire and follow it. It is possible that movement in that direction will continue.

Even for those who are currently destroying, it is still unclear what kind of people are in what proportion.

However, it says that the Chinese Communist Party has gone to you and to have directionality to induction.

After all, if there is a scenario in which Hong Kong wins, it can only happen when external pressure works properly. It resembles Britain waiting for America to enter the World War II.
Democracy violence (although it is indistinguishable from the Chinese Communist Party’s own performance) will reinforce cooperation between the West and Japan and give excuses for sabotage.
The origin of “Be water” should be protected. (I think it’s okay to go abroad because it’s water.)

On the other hand, there is a possibility that sympathy will be gathered for citizens who are overwhelmed by the Chinese Communist Party’s excessive counterattack against violence, which is close to the actual route, but I do not think it will be a good result. The number of victims has increased considerably, and even if something similar to the Tiananmen Incident occurs, the liberal world becomes muddy with moderate sanctions. Such a possibility is considered high. Anyway, life should be the top priority.
I think we should gradually step back with a peaceful demonstration.