U.S. Senate Passes Hong Kong Democracy Bill, Drawing China’s Ire

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Some say that Japan should pass a similar bill, but it should be done.

But the political world remained silent. In particular, it is a serious condition that such criticism has not been raised by opposition parties such as the Constitutional Democratic Party.

For example, Taro Yamamoto should say that. Advocates should push that way.
I am not interested in what is happening overseas, but it is also common with Mr. Sanders of the same left populism. It ’s a thought that tends to be inward. Populism is characterized by its own nature, so reaching out to the outside is a loss and a loss of appeal.
I don’t think there is a future ahead.

Mr. Taro Yamamoto is purely motivated, which is irreplaceable for other politicians, but the overall strength of the person appears at the landing point.

I don’t think there is no possibility of aspiring to do the right thing if you take the power as a populism.
However, if you look only at the current policy, there are many questions.

It is also Europe. The same bill should be passed immediately.

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