July 13, 2018 Makoto Otake Golden Radio! Guest Masaru Kaneko (Specially Appointed Professor at Rikkyo University, Professor Emeritus at Keio University, Economist)

In the past, Japan told the US that semiconductors should not be discounted, and that semiconductors were banned due to import restrictions on semiconductors.

This must always be said when you talk about semiconductors in Japan.

Even so, the terrible LDP administration continued.

However, the United States of this era had a more liberal impression than it is now, but there are no fair pieces.

Trump is aiming for it in China.
But the country scale is different.

Japan’s economy seems to be good because it exports old semiconductor devices to China for nothing but Abenomics.
I heard this for the first time.

“China is not that easy,” he said.
Unlike in Japan, the United States is fighting a fierce battle.

“The energy basic plan is tattered”.

Although it did not come out on the radio, it is said that it is the United States that has made nuclear power in Japan.

In light of this policy of destroying the Japanese advanced industry in the United States, it would have to be seen that the same meaning is given to letting Japan do the nuclear power plant.

Even so, it would be the main means of colonization of other countries in the modern day of the United States and the hegemony that not let cutting-edge industries do.