Greta sails across the Atlantic to Lisbon and joins COP25

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This is a funny scene.
It ’s bad to be so radical.
I recall Hiroaki Koide who did not use electricity.

What about it? I would like you to guess and compare the fuel used per capita of a jet or yacht.
I don’t see a ship with a lot of people on it, and it’s probably running with an engine. It doesn’t look like an efficient vehicle.

If you deny jets, you will throw away most of the benefits of modern civilization.
These are all involved in the back of normal life. You should check and eliminate it.

The human rights crisis and anti-democratic movements in China such as Hong Kong, Uyghur and Tibet are the crisis of humanity. I really want you to get angry here.
Compared to this, it can be said that it is professional wrestling of spare time material.