November 20, 2018 Hohdoh Station

The money came from money that Nissan Ghosn could use freely. Is it a diversion of secretariat expenses in Nissan?

I’m going to see Nissan Stadium in Nashville again on TV this way.

However, it is surprising that Renault’s shareholders were the French government and Macron was pressing on Ghosn to make Nissan its subsidiary.

Is Renault the third sector?

Macron’s act is an act that significantly distorts capitalism.

It is the royal road and international coordination that strictly restrains the intervention of these nations in the private sector, connects them sideways, and puts pressure on the state capitalism.

In this case, Macron seems to preach international cooperation, while at the same time it has been proven that he is also a nationalist who only needs France.

Also, the VTR stated that Macron was living in France, but Japan could not be said to be Japan in such a situation, nor would Germany.
We need to reconsider the privilege of being drunk by the nationalism unique to a winning country. It breaks the world. Isn’t the United States the end of that end?