Tokyo City Philharmonic Orchestra 329th Regular Concert (November 9, 2019, Saturday) 14:00 Doors Open: Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall, Part 3


Since it was a break here, I checked the program again.
There is a study abroad diary of members, and the handmade feeling is smiled.
The life of an international student seems to be very difficult and fun to be immersed in music from morning to night.

In the advice from the teacher where they went, one person was
“Why are you suppressing yourself so much?
It is said that another person
“You are a typical Japanese, but that’s fine.”
It was said that.
Unexpectedly, contrasting reports are lined up.

These issues have been debated for a long time and make us think about Japan and classical music, Japanese and Western culture, and universal music. I think it is very interesting.

I think it’s basically good to be Japanese. I think it’s culture and maybe DNA. You can’t become real if you misrepresent yourself.
However, I think that there are times when it is necessary to guess the mentality of a work made by a Western musician and adjust it a little.

I hope that Japanese composers will be releasing more and more masterpieces to create a natural Japanese environment in the classical music world. However, it is very disappointing that the current situation cannot be expected only by those who waste time by composing only contemporary music.

Speaking of Ms. Kanon Matsuda from this point of view, I feels like she has returned to Japan after inheriting Russian pianism faithfully.