Documentary”Dreaming of Jewish Christmas” 2017 Canada


The story is that Jews (and black singers) have been publishing more and more Christmas songs that have rejected the color of religion, and more and more Christmas has come to non-religious festivals of the American people.

Since the religion disappeared here, Christmas began to be celebrated in the world.

It’s a beautiful story,and I think
Judaism became a world religion by the hands of Christ
Christmas can be said to have been a world festival by Jews.

It is said that Jews and Chinese are good friends because they are a large group of non-Christians. I guess Japan seems the same, but it’s a small group.

However, in the news just when this program was broadcast, much time has been spent on banning Christmas and exclusion of Christianity in China.
Perhaps it is a problem of the Chinese government that it is universal and easy to enter.

A sad Christmas hit song seems to be released the day after Pearl Harbor attack, and seems to be remembered with the event.

Jews are always tasting minority sorrow. That reindeer song meant that.

Many American comic heroes were created by Jews and have a common point in terms of resistance to fascism.
There is a picture that Jews are discriminated against when fascism is born.

In my opinion, the Trump administration has recently been described as a pro-Jewish administration, but Jewish organizations did not seem to have supported Trump.
In fact, Trump’s white supremacist seemed to be contributing to Jewish discrimination, and I thought that this kind of smell of fascism was a Jewish tradition.

A poem-filled video that shows the friendship between Jews and Chinese. The work itself is also an anthem for diversity.

The songs of this “two people alone” in the festivities are numerous from modern pops to enka (old Japanese pops). However, the archetype was a Jewish Christmas song, and it may have been a Jewish and Chinese friendship.