WHO said. No need to wear a mask to prevent infection.

感染予防にマスク着用不要 過度の使用控えてとWHO

In Europe and the United States, they still don’t wear masks. But in Japan everyone does.

I can hear Japanese doctors ridicule that there is no preventive effect. However, Dr. Yoshio Otani, familiar at the “Hatori Shinichi Morning Show”, has been added to the general effect of preventing splashing
① not to touch your face
② The throat is protected from drying, making it difficult for the virus to adhere.
He always says that there are preventive effects in these two respects. This seems to be a very unique opinion of Dr. Otani compared to what various doctors have come out and talked about this time.
(I personally think it’s also important to reduce the area of ​​inhaled air. But this doesn’t seem to be generally said. In the new coronavirus, which has been identified as a possible aerosol infection, Isn’t it important?)

Actually, these preventive effects are unexpectedly great.

It is possible that Japan has not done much testing, but there are still few deaths. Since all people who died of pneumonia are being examined, it is likely that the total number of infected people will not be so high.
Is there a possibility that the mask of the non-infected person is working?

In addition, Europe and the United States do not wear masks, but only those who tested last and found to be negative should have no idea if they were infected or not. Still, it cannot be determined exactly. I think everyone should wear a mask to prevent people from transmitting the virus. It seems that Asians who still wear masks are mistaken for seriously ill patients and are avoided or attacked.