Tomohiro Machiyama TV program to know America In Association With CNN #101 Friday, June 19, 2020 Urgent Special Feature (3) National racial discrimination protest demonstration The impact of the Minneapolis Police Department being dismantled, thorough commentary


Interviewed Seattle’s “autonomous region”, which is currently attracting attention.
Immediately before the autonomous district was opened, police officers who were in danger said they had fled at night. It seems like Varennes escaped.

Whatever they say, it’s a low awareness of the new coronavirus infectious diseases that citizens are hanging around doing at this time.

Many people don’t wear masks.

It’s the ultimate form of an anti-Trump demonstration, but isn’t it the same as Trump’s goal of “re-opening”?

It is said that if you keep refraining from an infectious disease, it will cause a mass hysteria on the way and everyone will come out. Obviously that is a sign.

It may be self-restraining and frustrating.
You may think that you are standing up to racism, but you should take a good look at the root of your frustration.

It is fundamentalist and feels uncomfortable.
If you really want to protest against racism, it’s definitely better to donate the money you work and work to improve the rights of blacks.

According to Mr. Machiyama, it has often happened that a town has suddenly been created since the pioneering west.

According to Democratic Mayor Seattle, it may be like a former hippie culture center. Mr. Fujitani hoped that would happen.
Every point of this movement is like a hippie.

In the United States, police have unions and they are very strong, so it is one of the requirements of the autonomous regions to cut off and dismantle the flow of money to them.
But without unions, police officers are truly defenseless in American society. So I wonder if they can go.

The Democratic Mayor of Seattle slammed Trump on Twitter to attack the borough. It is the responsibility of the municipalities that they should say that they should return to prevent corona when they have time to defend the autonomous region.
This descent was placed after the commercial in this program, but this is exactly the political show Trump is planning. It’s a form that seems to be carried on or cooperated with each other.